Basic Scanning Strategies 

To help facilitate the HA Scan, here are a few basic strategies to find the best setups:

  1. To access the settings, Go to TOOLS, select HARMONIC ANALYZER.  

  2. Once the HA Scan is open, select the EDIT button, which will open the filter list.  After the filter list is open, select the MATCH LIST tab to choose various Fibonacci Palette (click link to view).  

  3. After you are finished choosing the pattern preferences, select OK at bottom of the filter list page.  

  4. This will prompt the user to save the change preferences as a new list.  Follow this procedure and resave the match list as a different name each time to create new lists. 

Ratio Scan

Key Numbers:  Although the HA allows the user to scan for ANY ratio, here are a few harmonic levels that represent critical price zones.

  • 1.618/0.618 : The basis for all harmonic ratios, the 0.618/1.618 represent the most harmonic individual price levels.

  • 0.886 :  The 0.886 is the most effective harmonic ratio when analyzing distinct support and resistance levels.  (Please read: "The Origin of the 0.886 Retracement" for more information.

Pattern Scan


Complex Patterns