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Most software issues can be resolved by referencing the Quick Start Guide or User's Guide found in the help menu of the software
or by referencing the support section of this website.
The Harmonic Analyzer is an incredibly effective analytical charting program that defines profitable trading opportunities unlike any other software available.
See for more info on harmonic patterns.
Yes, Mr. Carney personally developed this program according to his exact rules. This was the first harmonic pattern program on the market and is still one of the best.
Harmonic Price Patterns apply to ALL financial markets: stocks, currencies, commodities, futures and options!
Go to the website and click the download link. After you download the program, follow the setup and terms and conditions instructions. After you fill out your email address, we will receive the information, generate your license and send your key to your email.
Ha Basic allows you to analyze End of Day data whereas HA Pro allows you to analyze intraday data as well as End of Day data. Visit the Features page for full details on features and required data providers.
The Harmonic Analyzer automatically identifies, calculates and illustrates harmonic price patterns including: AB=CD , Bat , Butterfly, Crab & Gartley.
Scans are run manually. See the Features page for full details on scans and the User Guide and HA Quick start Guide for instruction on how to run scans.
Yes, the software shows you patterns that are completing and patterns that have completed in the past. There is a user guide and a quick start menu to help you with the program. There are numerous videos on the YouTube channel and website as well as other articles and a free book that can be accessed at my website.
HA Pro requires ESignal's 'third party software compatible' data feed. HA Basic is compatible with Yahoo's free EOD data, TC2000, ESignal and .CSV file. Find all our compatible data sources here:
Yes, there are specific instructions on the homepage that show exactly how to format the spreadsheet.
See the support section of our website for details on setting up ESignal feeds:
As HA is a stand alone software, it does not require a trading platform to perform. You need only a compatible data source. Free EOD data is available for HA Basic via Yahoo and for HA PRO, contact your ESignal rep for details on their 'third party software compatible' data feed. Data (including foreign market data) can also be imported via .CSV file. Please find all our compatible data sources here:
Yes. If data is not available through a compatible data source then it may be imported via csv file. Consult your license activation email for details.
Details on proper symbol formatting and file naming as contained in your License Activation Email. Also, find proper formatting for symbols here:
This filter simply looks at the last bar in the pattern and determines how far away from the PRZ the bar is (either High/Low or Close - see checkboxes above the slider). By reducing this value patterns will be filtered out of the match list which are too far away from completion or have already reversed/failed.
You may find for some volatile stocks that the HA is finding too many matches due to erratic price swings. Increasing the Damping Factor slider desensitizes the HA to these smaller erratic price swings and filters these out from the match list. There is no single setting for this slider and it needs to be set on a symbol by symbol basis.
By default the HA finds patterns just about anywhere in a price move. Referring to Mr. Carney's book you will see he says that the very best patterns form after extended rallies/selloffs. By increasing the value of this slider the HA will filter out patterns that do not appear at rallies/selloffs. The higher the value the more extreme the rally/selloff needs to be for the pattern to appear in the match list.
No. In Harmonic Analyzer, the stop loss is not calculated.
No. In Harmonic Analyzer the Take profit is not calculated automatically.
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